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The Robin's Call; the Distilling of Fear

This afternoon I was standing outside feeling an approaching panic attack.

“What if we don’t have enough food to get through the next couple weeks?” My ego even had the nerve to say it with an almost stern, scolding tone.

I could feel it well up in my chest and thought, “I can’t have a heart attack NOW!”

As that thought faded with another one looming nearby, I heard the Robin’s call.

Immediately I was brought back to the moment.

I took in a deep breath and gave thanks for the onset of spring with it’s many opportunities for growth and rejuvenation.

In that moment, my ego ceased its receptive chatter and I felt a deep connection to the Sun and our Beloved Earth.

Truly the Robin’s call was a gift and I gave thanks to my ears that they could hear and gave thanks for the beloved bird that has saved my very being!

I recall the first time this gift was given to me. I was three years of age and both parents were engaging in one of their violent arguments.

This was the norm for me as both parents were active alcoholics. Typically my mother went to the emergency room and my father would end up in jail.

I recall running down the stairwell to escape the insanity!

I sat on a porch-step feeling the warmth of the Sun.

A Robin came and perched itself on top of a branch of a nearby tree.

It started to call with its beautiful arrangement of notes.

I remember being uplifted by this sound as it draped over my very being as if to soothe me in my time of need. I felt so happy! Truly this was a blessed gift.

My awareness was that it would all get better and that no matter what happening, there was the opportunity for happiness and JOY!

As I review my Faith at such a young age, I now realize that being born into such a dysfunctional family provided for me the opportunity to climb out of the darkest, murkiest environments by my core awareness that I was the one in charge of my life and that I could change my experiences by my intentions to do so.

Although the challenges have been many, and honestly there were times that I felt like giving up, I always knew that everything would be okay.

So I write this for YOUme, us, really all who need a drop of Faith!

We will get through this pivotal time on our planet!

In fact, if you pay close attention, you will sense the blessing of seedlings emerge up and out of the soil. They do this regardless of their conditions. They ascend upwards, as we are doing right now!

Take in a deep breath, go outside and face towards our Sun!

Give thanks for every single experience that you have here!

It is a gift to be here now! YOU are a Light Being and YOU are Divine!

Command that the energies of Peace surround YOU and YOUR family!

Namaste Beloveds!

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