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I AM known as
The Prayer Warrior and Healer

When I was about eight years old, I recited one-thousand Hail Marys in promise of a most coveted toy! 

Although I did not receive the toy I wanted, 

I know today that I was given the gift of becoming a natural healer!  

I began to accept my gifts after I retired as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist.  

I had practiced in the school system and towards the end of my career I looked forward to working in my garden.

Without solictation on my part, I was referred seven children to tutor that summer for fine-motor issues.

Each of these children would now be referred to as a Rainbow Child, or a Diamond Child. 

These types of Beings are highly evolved and usually demonstrate certain behaviors and characteristics that indicate that they are operating on a different level of consciousness than the average child.  

Teenagers, younger adults, and then an older adults started to seek my services! 

I questioned the "Why" behind these surges of referrals and sought insight from trusted

Mentors and Spiritual Sources. 

Without getting into the frillyness of some of the words used in the Metaphysical field today, I concluded that I was going through a trial of sorts and was being asked to serve.  


I was being summoned, if you will, by a beloved being known as Archangel Metatron. 

Reluctantly, I accepted this new endeavor after saying no twice. Once I had agreed, what would unfold,

(Without my orchestrating any of it), was beyond my imagination!  


The positive feedback was beyond my expectations!  

Simutanesly, I began writing Prayers for people. who needed help.   

Again, the feedback was positive as all the prayers were answered!  

At first that didn't surprise me because all of my prayers were always answered!  

But then it took a more humbling turn with prayer requests for issues such as prevention of suicide,

assistance with terminal illness, and many other issues that humans face today.  


The prayer is the blue-print.  Recitied aloud, it reverberates throughout the Universe until every aspect of the prayer request is answered! 

In addition, I started experiencing higher levels of consciousness.

Magical things started to happen that couldnt be explained by the left brain. 


For example, a large Orb appeared in my bedroom the size of a basketball.

 It hovered in a corner near the ceiling and had a fluid-like Light in it.  

Then, it slowly glid across the room and into the adjacent wall.  

Then the Universe gifted me with the opportunity to capture Light Beings at the window that I pray at! 

(See photos below) 

How kind and loving is that?   

After the Beings appeared, I began to have visions of people's past-lives.  I was given access into their Akashic Records.  Today, that service is one of the most profound healing experiences that my clients report to have had! 

Of course, it is not me, it is that I offered up my body to be the conduit for the

Divine Healing Energies to flow through and be directed to

where I focus my attention, or where it is needed! 

Archangel Metatron's energy is powerful

and can now only express itself as we enter into

The Aquarian Age! 

Not everyone is ready for this, so I asked the Universe to only send me people that I could help! 

The photos of the Light Beings were given to me as a way of valadating my gifts and demonstrating how truly LOVED WE ALL ARE!

See below for photos taken of the Sun Rays as they enter my window!  


The photo were I am wearing the necklace was the first appearance of the Light Being.  

It occurred on January 9th, 2017 at 9:25 a.m.

I was taking a selfie in which I was demonstrating a smokey quartz necklace that was given to me as a gift.


I was not aware of the Light Being until later in the day.  


None of the photos have been altered or edited.  



I have accepted my role of servant as I advocate, represent,
and petition on behalf of those who seek my aid.  
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