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I AM known as
The Prayer Warrior and Healer

When I was about eight years old, I recited one-thousand Hail Marys in promise of a most coveted toy! 

Although I did not receive the toy I wanted, I know today that the gift that I was to receive, was that my body was being prepared to become a conduit for healing energies.  

I began to become aware of my gifts after I retired as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and experienced profound Spiritual visions! 

The first vision, was that of a large opaque Orb in the corner of my bedroom.  It had a fluid-like substance in it that was alive!  This beautiful Orb allowed me to see it with my physical eyes and then slowly glided across the ceiling and merged itself through the wall.   

I know today, that I was being visited by a member of the Angelic Realm.  

The next vision that I was shown, was me as a little girl around the age of four, sitting on black soil inside of our Earth.  I saw a singular daisy growing out of the soil and thought, "How kind of Spirit to give me this flower."

Then I peered back and watched as this child gave the flower to a being that was of a feminine silhouette with a mauve-like color.  This Being was very delicate, and was the essence of purity!  

The third vision that I experienced, was that I was being taken to a place, somewhat like an island.  I was my Spiritual Body.  I descended upon a tree.  I then held my attention upon a green leaf and I marveled at the astonishing beauty of it.  I also was aware that I was alone.  Or shall I say that I was the only one.  I asked, "Where is everyone?" The answer was that:



Shortly after, on a cold, dreary January morning, I took a selfie in my room with the window that I pray at behind me, when I was reviewing the photos later that evening, I saw the silhouette of the being that I had seen in the vision prior.  This time, the being was all white and was beaming down from the Sun!  Fortunately for me, I had taken a couple photos of myself and noted that the being appeared to reposition itself in the later photo.  (Scroll down to see photos below) 

A week passed, and I was grocery shopping.  I looked around and felt the oddest feeling that I had ever felt!  


I could have come up to you and ask you how you were doing!  I remember watching a man and absolutely knew what he was going through and feeling!  It was a strange feeling to say the least! 

Then I was given the most profound gift of all!  I was given access into the Akashic Records!

It started with photo like images of myself.  I was a child slave dripping in poverty! Then, I was inside of that poor girls body as she was being dragged by her wrists through the cotton fields.  My mother wept violently over me but could not stop what was about to happen!  

The most intriguing past-life that I was given, was that of my being a witness to then President George Washington shaking hands with young soldiers.  I was flabbergasted!  I could see the capillaries in his cheeks!  His life essence filled his body and honestly I was blown away!  

That is when I reached out to the highly acclaimed author and Akashic Record reader, Lois J. Wetzel.  She helped me navigate this unknown realm and supported me with advice, as well as providing me with a slew of information that I would need if I was to offer this as a service to my future clients! 

I was being summoned to serve! 

Simultaneously, I began writing Prayers for people, or should I word it as channeling as the words felt to be given to me from the higher realms! 


Those prayers were being answered, or granted.  Someone said, you're a Prayer Warrior!

I had never heard of that before, so I didn't understand what they were talking about! I knew inside that I was given the gift of healing based on feedback that I was receiving from my clients and parents of children that I worked on, but a Prayer Warrior? I don't understand till this day to be honest! 

Lois Wetzel then taught me that my prayers were and are blue-prints. When recited, preferably aloud, the vibrations of the channeled words  reverberate throughout the Universe until every aspect of the prayer request is answered! 

This has been my experience so far.  I have written hundreds of Prayers for people and out of that amount, only two have not yet been granted.  I have been told by spirit that they are 'pending!' 

Hopefully, this summary gives you a better idea of the I that I AM!  

If you are reading this, know in your beloved HEART, that YOU were guided to be here by your Divinity Tribe!


See below for photos taken of the Solar Rays as they enter my window!  


None of the photos have been altered or edited.  


I have accepted my role of servant as I advocate, represent,
and petition on behalf of those who seek my aid.  
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