If you have found my website, it is by no accident...
YOU were guided here!  
I AM known as The Prayer Warrior and Healer

I was born with spiritual gifts and was asked to serve!  

I agreed. So here I AM! 

 I AM a Natural Healer.  

I didn't ask to be a healer, I didn't train to be a healer, I was born a healer! 

Of course, it is not me, it is that I offered up my body to be the conduit for the

Divine Healing Energies to flow through and be directed to

where I focus my attention, or where it is needed! 

I was given this gift after many hardships and challenges. 

Like many, I suffered the "Dark Night of the Soul" and came out of it


So, what are the gifts that were bestowed upon me from our beloved Universe

I was given the gift of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS or of the TRUTH! 

When I consult with my clients,

I am given information from their Guides or the Higher Aspect of themselves

This information that they share highlights a particular 'issue'

that is affecting their lives at the moment.  

I am able to tap into this higher dimensional field

as my ego rescinds into the background.  

It is all about the TRUTH! 

All of us have old wounds that need to be tended to so that they can be healed!  

When a person seeks my counsel, or ponders reaching out to me,

they are being guided to do so from their Spiritual teams.

If this is YOU,

YOU are most likely vibrating at a frequency

that would be able to resonate with mine

as well as the healing energies that permeate through my body. 

Not everyone is ready for this, so I asked the Universe to only send me people that I could help! 

I AM predominately known as an Akashic Record Reader, or a person that can access your past-lives.


The Guardians of the Records give me the energetic seeds that were sown

in a previous life that now have sprouted in your reality! 

I AM also a writer and as the name implies,

I channel your Divine Prayer! 

(For more information, see services) 

Working in collaboration with the Universal Laws,

The Law of Attraction/The Law of Vibration/The Law of Polarity 

I can assist with the manifestation of what it is that you desire to see in your life! 

I have been Blessed to have had many profound Spiritual experiences in my life.  As of recent, photos of Light Beings were given to me as a way of valadating my gifts and demonstrating how truly LOVED WE ALL ARE!

See below for photos taken of the Sun Rays as they enter my window!  


The center photo was the first appearance of the Light Being.  

It occurred on January 9th, 2017 at 9:25 a.m.

I was taking a selfie in which I was demonstrating a necklace that was given to me as a gift.


I was not aware of the Light Being until later in the day.  


None of the photos have been altered or edited.  



I have accepted my role of servant as I advocate, represent,
and petition on behalf of those who seek my aid.