Below is a brief summary of my role as a Prayer Warrior and Healer! 

Growing up as a highly intuitive and empathic child,  retreating in a tree, or praying at a window,

was my way of coping with the world around me.  


One Christmas, I recited a thousand Hail Mary's for a promise of a gift,  (a most desired toy),  An

awareness came over me that the gift would not make me happy! 

The energies of Happiness and JOY were already being felt despite my family's impoverished conditions. 

The real gift, although I did not comprehend this at the time, was my increasing ability to feel and sense the TRUTH behind the scenes so to speak. This gift or knowing continued to be cultivated and increased

as I worked as a pediatric occupational therapist in the school system.  

I liken my gift to that of holding a flashlight in a darkened room and shining the light on an object that needs to be found and seen!  Knowing when a student was going to be absent prior to getting to the school

is just one simple example of this 'knowing'! 


In addition to the fun 'knowings', many intense experiences presented themselves as well.  

These would take place during the sessions with my students.  Because the TRUTH could not be hidden,

I could sense for example, that a child was being harmed at home.  


I only came to accept my abilities to facilitate healing after I lost my job several years ago.  

Since that time, I have had many parents contact me and communicate what they believed to be 

substantial progress or changes in their child's behavior or overall demeanor!

Some parents have chosen words such as miraculous and have expressed immense gratitude!  

Even with that though, there was a part of me that was not convinced!


Until, this happened...


Typically, I do not take photos of myself!  On this occasion, during a bleak January morning, I wanted to share what a necklace looked like to a friend who had given it to me as a gift!  When reviewing the photos much later,

I was astonished at the BEING of LIGHT that was apparent at a window that I frequently pray at!  

This BEING of LIGHT stayed with me for 18 minutes!  At the time, I did not realize the significance of this experience,

but what I did know was that shortly afterward, I felt a feeling of being connected to everyone! 

To understand this a bit better, it is like you know everyone you see!  For example, in the grocery store I felt that I knew all the people that came into my view; as though I could walk up to them and ask them how they were doing! 

This connectedness is called: 

Unity Consciousness.  

At this same time, I was reading a book about the power of prayers entitled, The Gentle Way, by Tom T Moore.  

Feeling inspired and tweaking the basic prayer format, I found myself writing prayers for people.  

Each prayer was as unique as the person I was writing the prayer for.  The words seemed to just drop gently into my awareness and I would sit in awe at what I had just been inspired to write! 

Then, I was guided to place the prayer under the window where the Light Being appeared. 

Each morning, I would recite the prayer aloud until I felt that it was time to stop; typically after three, six, or nine days. 

Receiving feedback that the prayers were granted was always a welcome,

however, it did not surprise me, as my prayers have always been answered.  

The turning point came when a spiritual mentor told me that I was a Prayer Warrior


I now have accepted this as my TRUTH! 

I consider this as a gift, and with this gift comes an opportunity to serve.

I have accepted my role of servant as I advocate, represent,
and petition on behalf of those who seek my aid.  
(Please note, I am not affiliated with any political, religion or evangelical organizations)

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