If you have found my website, it is by no accident...
YOU were guided here!  
What is a Prayer Warrior and Healer? 



Believe it or not, when I was told that I was a Prayer Warrior, I had no idea what they were talking about!

A year past, and one day I thought, I'd better look that up!  

What I found when I googled that term did not reflect what it was that I was doing and what was happening to those whom I had written prayers for.  

According to Wikipedia:

A Prayer Warrior is a term used by many evangelical and other Christians to refer to anyone who is

committed to praying for others.

The definition further states:

Prayer Warriors see themselves as engaged in spiritual warfare against satanic forces.


Well, certainly I am committed, but I am not affiliated with any religions or organizations! 

Spiritual warfare?  Well, to some degree, but it is much more complicated than that and that definition is outdated and does not reflect what we know today about lower or darker energy fields.  


With all of that said, here is a brief summary as to what it is that I do as a Prayer Warrior and Healer.

During a consultation with me, I am given information by your Higher Self, Guides, and/or Angels as to what it is that YOU need to hear at the moment.  


Some refer to this as channeling.

 I liken it to my being given a flashlight in which I am able to peer into your energy field, and or a past-life that needs to be revealed in order for you to heal and manifest what it is that you seek at the time of our consultation.  

I then channel each word for your personal and customized prayer.  


This can take up to five days.


The prayer acts as a blueprint so to speak to set the energetic patterns in motion to grant you your request.

There are then two remaining components to the realization of your request:

They are


emotions and actions! 

Your team always give me the information that you need to tap into the emotions and to engage in the action!

Thus, according to Quantum Physics, and The Law of Attraction

YOU co-create YOUR reality!  

1 + 1 = 3  

(As taught by Marina Jacobi)

This is a highly advanced healing modality that is available to us now as we have entered the Aquarian Age.

Older healing modalities that have worked in the Piscean age can no longer sustain or maintain the energy frequencies to facilitate into form what it is that you wish to manifest, such as a healthy relationship, the healing of a physical ailment, or getting a better job! 

And because I am gifted to view into your Akashic Records, we, together as a team, can assemble and disassemble the programs and ancestral links that are woven into your DNA strands, thus freeing up space to now hold higher and healthier energetic fields that can and will attract a more harmonic lifestyle. 


additional information...with photos of the light being! 


Typically, I do not take photos of myself!  On this occasion, during a bleak January morning, I wanted to share what a necklace looked like to a friend who had given it to me as a gift!  When reviewing the photos much later,

I was astonished at the BEING of LIGHT that was apparent at a window that I frequently pray at!  


This BEING of LIGHT stayed with me for 18 minutes!  At the time, I did not realize the significance of this experience,

but what I did know was that shortly afterward, I felt a feeling of being connected to everyone! 

To understand this a bit better, it is like you know everyone you see!  For example, in the grocery store I felt that I knew all the people that came into my view; as though I could walk up to them and ask them how they were doing! 

This connectedness is called: 



It is the ability to tap into Unity Consciousness that allows me the blessing to assist YOU on this human journey!  

I now have accepted this as my TRUTH! 

I consider this as a gift, and with this gift comes an opportunity to serve.

I have accepted my role of servant as I advocate, represent,
and petition on behalf of those who seek my aid.  
(Again, please note, I am not affiliated with any political, religion or evangelical organizations)