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"Very detailed, a soothing and comforting voice!"  

~ Lois Wetzel, Author"Akashic Records: Case Studies,"  Founder EDINA Healing Temple

Marie has an amazing gift and talent unlike anything I have ever seen before!  Her reading was chilling, it was so accurate. She described an heirloom piece of jewelry I own in detail that has never been photographed or published.

I grew up this lifetime in a warehouse inside of a drapery factory full of sewing machines. In a past life, I died in a traumatic factory fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, which explains many of my underlying fears of fire and being trapped, as well as dreams of falling to my death and waking up as I hit the ground, or my career as a fire performer my fascination with controlling and manipulating fire, as well as my dedication to fire safety and up to date fire extinguishers.

My fear of having children this lifetime because I may have a special needs child and not enough bandwidth to take care of them was confirmed, as I had a lifetime as a mother of 5, the last one having written syndrome.

The reading was also most helpful to understand past life love. Ever meet someone that felt like you've known and loved them many lifetimes the moment you meet them?

Marie was extremely helpful by not only confirming my suspicions, but also told me about the blocks we carry over from past lifetimes.

One session is lifetimes of therapy. One session was all it took to truly change my life. 

~ Faith M. 

"She is open, honest, and caring. She truly works from her heart chakra, and her passion and love for helping others is evident in the progress my daughter has made. One example of this is that She wrote a little “angel” prayer to help her sleep through the night, and it has helped my daughter overcome her nighttime fears."   My daughter now sleeps through the night and remains in her own bed!  She is also a much happier child and displays less behavior issues or meltdowns!  Our whole family has witnessed this and we believe this is a miracle!


~ Krystal L.      


I sought assistance due to my daughter's deep depression and symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  Living in a region where the weather patterns are typically grey with cloudy skies, my fear as a mother was that she would not be able to tolerate much more of the pain she was in.  The Prayer Warrior and Healer was able to see or feel under the surface as to what was going on with her and wrote a beautiful and eloquent prayer that expressed the true essence of my daughter's struggles at that time. I found myself reading the prayer over and over again and was reassured that The Prayer Warrior was during the same each morning.  Shortly afterward and unexpectedly, her husband was offered a position in a warmer region of the country.  Surprising, they sold their house quickly and now reside in their new home!  Just last night I was speaking to her on the phone and she sounded so happy and at peace! The pain has subsided and the depression has uplifted!  She was marveling at how she can see and name the star constellations!  I cannot tell you how relieved and grateful I am!  


~ Dorothy K., Yoga Instructor 

The Prayer Warrior and Healer's powerful, yet gentle and loving approach to the needs of the world are eloquently transcribed into beautiful, mystifying prayers. I commissioned one of The Prayer Warrior's prayers for my mother after surgery.  As I read the prayer to my mom, love entered the room, peace entered my mother’s heart and healing happened. 

To receive one of these powerful prayers is a true blessing. 


~ Wendy, Reiki Master 

Both my wife and I were referred to the Prayer Warrior & Healer by our Reiki therapist!  We decided to have a personal one-on-one first to determine what course to take!  I wanted a healing session, my wife wanted a past-life reading!  It ended up that we both got the two services!  Now, I don't usually write reviews, (My wife does and she prompted me to do this!), but we both felt an immediate shift in how we saw things.  I can't really explain it, but it happened after the healing sessions. Then, we each had a past life reading and those really that blew us away!  We both have had previous lives together and the experiences that we shared in those lives corresponds to what it happening in our lives today!  I had great insight into one of my wife's sensitive issues and now that I do, I can understand her so much more!  Really can't believe it!!!  Thanks so much! 


~ Steve and Christina  (Retired school teachers) 

The Prayer Warrior and Healer wrote my son a prayer to help him recover from a traumatic event two years ago.  His young wife was murdered and he blamed himself for not picking her up after a bingo game.  He went over and over again in his mind that "If" he had been there, she would be alive today!  After receiving the prayer, I must have read it a hundred times!  Each time I would read it, I'd just cry and cry!  The words she wrote just fit him and described how depressed he was feeling. She told me that I would see subtle changes in his attitude.  It now has been several months and I am seeing a change in both his thinking and feeling.  He said that he feels that he is now ready to move on after the second anniversary of her death!  Thank you!


~ G. W., Entrepreneur 

The Prayer Warrior and Healer  is a "Healer's Healer"  I am pretty particular as to who I let into my energy field. After we consulted together, I felt that is was safe and beneficial for me to move forward with her!  The words that she channeled were that of my Higher Self!  She obviously has a gift to gain access into the higher fields of consciousness!  And as powerful as she is, she is the equal embodiment of humility!  Always stating

that it is not she, the ego part of her, but that of Divine Source moving through her!  I find that she is easy to speak with and lacks all judgement!  

~ Saysha S. Reiki Practitioner 

The Prayer Warrior and Healer assisted my family in so many ways!  She wrote the most beautiful prayer that I have ever read in my life!  The prayer was so powerful that I couldn't say it without crying!  I purchased the six day request as our family was faced with in insurmountable experience!  Shortly after the period of six days ended, we all could sense a shift in the way we were perceiving our problem!  Then, a large, white luminous Orb appeared to one of our family members!  Truly magical!  We are so grateful that we decided to move forward with this request!  Grateful beyond words!  

~ Linda M.  Ashville, NC. 

Marie has an amazing gift. I am so thankful for Marie’s reading. (Akashic Records Reading) It Was truly amazing. Each life she went into I felt like I was reliving it, I spent the whole day crying and releasing from them. Each one of them resonated deeply.

The first life I never told her about my esophagus, the Drs title me with eosinophilic esophagitis, but she brought it up. And yes I have felt invisible all my life. I have always been drawn to the era of the 50’s and that’s what the reading was in.

The second life reading hit home and I cried immensely over this one. I have had many many dreams and meditations with Jesus do for her to bring it up, it was amazing. So this one humbled me. And since I’ve been doing reiki, I seem to always send it from my heart.

The third one is exactly what I do, I work with mother nature and the animals that’s where I feel at home. And like we all we have beasts that we all have to deal with.

The fourth one the song started playing before you even said the Beverly hillbillies, I grew up in the country and I guess that’s why I feel more at home in nature. I love the water so that explains the pond and I have a pond in my yard that I just love to sit by and listen to. I do try to help whoever I can, I’ve always been like that. The universe has blessed me a billion times over.

The fifth one is how I treat my children. I have 2 daughters. They’re both different and I encourage them in everything that they want to do, even though as a mom You know it may not be the best. Funny how he ate plant based and I’m trying to go plant based. It’s when I do that I feel the best.


Love and blessings,

~ Mandy

Marie is amazing.  Her past life reading was extensive and insightful, and gave me clarity to parts of my emotional and physical self. She was able to shed light on why I perceive some things the way that I do, my reactions, and my relationships.

It is fascinating to me how personality traits, successes and trauma can all inbed into our DNA and become part of us. Thru her reading, I was given the tools (maybe even a cheat sheet lol!) to be a better person.  She is kind, gracious and freely gave her time to discuss the significance of the lives revealed. I am grateful and highly recommend Marie!

~ Lisa T. M. Owner of :  THE SALT OF THE EARTH 

The Prayer Warrior and Healer is a Healer's Healer!!!  Not only is she truly gifted with healing abilities, she is humble and sweet!  I have had many, many sessions with energy healers all around the country and honestly she really helped me!  

Don't waste your money on people that call themselves energy healers that you sense that they are only in it for the money!  She is NOT!!!  I love her!!! 


~Debbie R. W.  R.N.  

The Prayer Warrior completed a session of my past lives. The correlations between these former lives (5 of them) and my life today were spot on. Knowing what I know now gives me the starting point for getting unstuck from old energy and residual energies that don't need to be hung on to anymore. I so recommend the Prayer Warrior and Healer. Take your next step and give this gift to yourself. 

~ Beth M.

I was referred to the Prayer Warrior & Healer by a friend who had their past-life reading with her!  I wasn't sure about the prayers or that I would move forward with them.  I did schedule for a healing session as I was having issues with a recurring nightmare and would wake up in sheer terror!  She was professional and was able to schedule me within a few days.  She also took the time to explain to me what I could expect from the experience.  Unfortunately for me, one of the aspects of energy healing is the purging of stagnate or old energy moving out of our body through crying, vomiting, and just feeling dreadful!  She had informed me that those symptoms were actually a good thing, and that my physical body was responding to the energies being transmitted remotely!  Then, a day or so after feeling that way, I felt as though my body was lighter and that I didn't feel so heavy.  I know that may not make sense, but that is what happened!  I also became aware of a core issue from when I was a child.  She was able to assist me with inner child healing when I scheduled my second session with her.  She channeled my inner twelve year old and I was floored as to what she had to say!  Every word she channeled I had been feeling and knowing but wasn't ready to deal with it!  I know I will continue to use her services and honestly I wish someone like Oprah would interview for you all to see for yourself!  

~Laura S.  Reiki Master 

I’m not sure where to begin as I try to explain how much this true Prayer Warrior has been able to help me to look at life in a more positive way, place trust in the universe, and provide hope for the future. I had never really considered Reiki Healing or the power of crystals prior to my interaction with her. However, after my first Reiki session, I could immediately feel a sense of calmness and reassurance that served as the foundation of looking at life through a larger lens. It is her approach and level of care, her gentleness, and sincere interest that makes her so special. Throughout the Reiki sessions, I was consistently able to make immediate connections to her visions. I was finally able to begin to feel some emotional relief after years and years of suffering and complete despair. She has given me hope and has served as an invaluable guide on my journey. I continue to look forward to my healing sessions, as they continue to help me to see light through what at one time, was complete darkness.


~ L. H., Special Education Teacher 

If YOU only say one prayer in a day, make it a thank YOU!


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