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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Crystal Grids

Customized Crystal Grids


Customized Crystal Grids can either be purchased separately or 
as in addition with your prayer request; thus amplifying the results!

Crystal Grids fall under the categories below;
however, they are then customized to meet YOUR specific needs.
After purchase, you will receive a photo of your personalized grid and a description of the crystals used so that YOU can build your own grid in the future!  

Each Crystal Grid will be placed under the window for three consecutive days unless guided otherwise! 

Meditation Grid Kit. Quartz Tower, Natur


This grid helps you move through the transformation period with ease and grace. Albeit mourning the loss of a loved one or getting over a break-up. 

Healing crystal grid kit, lovely wicca c
breaking through habitual thought patterns

cloudy skies

This grid helps free us from the constant chatter of the Ego.  This allows us to stay present in the NOW versus drowning in our past and looking to the future to be happy! 


Crystal Ball
digging deep 


This grid assists you through the climb upwards from the deep, dark, murky waters.  Albeit a childhood memory or deep resentments that have hardened into unsurmountable rocks.  

Beautiful, sparkling healing crystals. W
a cloudy & clear bottle

adam's addiction

This grid catalyzes an energetic clearing of current as well as ancestral lineage addictions and their expressive behaviors.  


Meditation Grid Kit. Quartz Tower, Natur


This grid facilitates the energy of abundance!  Health, wealth, romance and healing!  


Meditation Grid Kit. Quartz Tower, Natur
assisting our male family members & friends to explore opening their hearts 


This grid assists our masculine partners, family and friends  by bridging a pathway from their ego to their hearts.

  todd encourages this subtle, yet powerful connection!  

Image by Muneeb Syed
The services listed below are of no charge to you!


Please email me with your beloved's name in the subject line and give a brief description in the body of the email. 


Their name will be included in my daily meditation as well as placed at the window where the apparition appeared.  

for a pet who is sick or terminally ill.  
Prayer for a stillborn, 
miscarried, or aborted child, as well as Crib Death
for the
Terminally ill, or those who have passed over.
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