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Long Distance
Akashic Records Reading
One-On-One Personal Sessions
Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Additonal Services

Additional Services


Ask a Mystic
a Question

This service offers you the opportunity to ask me one question.


As a Mystic, I am able to obtain information about the past, present, and future.  Please note, future events are governed by free will as well as by Cosmic Laws, so are apt to change accordingly.  Please be as specific with your question as this determines quality of your reply. 



Crystal Ball
A Message From
Your Divinity Tribe

This is a great opportunity to hear Wisdom from the Higher Realms.  What is it that your Angelic Tribe wants to share with you?  What message have you not been hearing?



Image by Simon Maage
Mini Past Life

I will be given a specific life-time event in which a Karmic experience had a profound impact upon your Soul and continues to express itself energetically in your life today! 



Note:  All correspondences with these services are email communication only.  Please provide a current email when purchasing.  This will be the email address I will use when sending you the answers. You will receive a reply response within a 48 hour period after purchase. 

Image by Muneeb Syed
The services listed below are of no charge to you!


Please email me with your beloved's name in the subject line and give a brief description in the body of the email. 


Their name will be included in my daily meditation as well as placed at the window where the apparition appeared.  

for a pet who is sick or terminally ill.  
Prayer for a stillborn, 
miscarried, or aborted child, as well as Crib Death
for the
Terminally ill, or those who have passed over.
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