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As a prayer warrior, I cannot tell you how many times people will ask or email me that question!

Can you pray for my....(Fill in the blank)!

Just this past week, I received five requests asking if I could pray for a beloved pet, someone's mother-in-law, a distant cousin in Brazil and a brother that the person hasn't spoken to in twenty years!

When this first started to happen, I would say sure, no problem!

But as time went on I began to realize that these individuals truly did not understand what it is that I do.

I cannot just pray for someone,... what would I say?

When you reach out to me with a prayer request, it is a pretty serious endeavor.

We consult over the phone and I am given or channel information from your guides, angels, as well as your higher self, what it is that truly needs to come forth to the surface pertaining to your particular situation.

For example, a woman contacted me with concerns about her youngest daughter. Her daughter was in a depression and was suicidal.

During our conversation, I was given the information that I needed that revealed the why behind the depression. The young lady was an Empath!

Not only was she an Empath, but she was highley creative, and absolutely loved nature and animals.

She resided in an urban enviroment that hindered her ability to express herself as the artist that she truly was and caused her great sadness as she was far removed from nature and animals; especially horses of which she had grown up with.

She also was not aware that she was an Empath and how being that sensitive affected her day to day activities. For example, she lived in a high-rise apartment in New York City and the hum of the traffic caused her weekly migranes and contributed to her being unable to fall asleep and stay alseep for at least six hours a night.

So, with the knowledge at hand, I was able to share with her mother some tools and techniques that I had learned over the years that indeed assisted me and thousand of others who are highly sensitive. These coping strategies, once practiced and incorporated into one's day, can provide much needed grounding and assist the body to get back into a balanced state of being.

This consultation was basically a condensed course about empathic people and how one can naviagate this human journey in a balanced, healthy state. It was also about listening to your heart and allowing your knowingness to guide you on your chosen path.

So after the consultation, I was given a framework in which the prayer would be based on.

This particular prayer took about three hours to write as I was guided to

complete it by that day's end.

The words that I was given just dropped into my head. For example, I would be washing dishes and I'd get a sentence so then I run to my computer to to type it out thus ensuring that I didn't forget it.

One aspect of being a prayer warrior is to shift my perceptions away from that of my ego and just allow the divine energy to guide me. Basically I am a vessel that is depressing the keys and typing the words out!

Well the prayer turned out beautiuflly! I read it aloud for a period of three days and had it placed at the window of which our beloved Mother appeared!

Three months later, I received an email from her mother with astonishing news!

Her daughter decided to move from her dwelling in the city and bought a house on 2 1/2 acres of land!

This move had proven so positive for her health, that she contacted me herself shortly after her mother reached out to express her gratitude for her prayer as it was granted!

All she needed was a little light shined on the true nature of what was going on deep down inside!

She said that her finding out that she was an Empath saved her life and now she felt empowered!


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