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The JOLT to get up at 3 a.m. to PRAY

Last night, at around 3 a.m., I was jolted out of bed! When this happens, I do complain a bit as I am awoken from a sound sleep, but for the most part I accept my role as a healer and prayer warrior, and that is just one of the aspects of my job!

I then am given the awarness as to what it is that I am to do!

Last night, I was given the memory of working with a young, nine-year old girl in the school system.

It was my first year practicing as an Occupational Therapist. So it was about twenty or so years ago. Truly, I did not have a clue as to what I was doing then, but I do know that my psychic abilities were unfolding and becoming more and more sharp.

This girl was a beautiful child. She was shy at first, but as we got to know each other, her creative personality started to reveal itself!

My role was to help her with her handwriting as it was illegible at the time.

The school that she attended was basically deplorable! Not so much the building, but the teachers and staff.

I recall one morning going into what is called the Life Skills classroom, and another one of my students, a little boy at the age of six was attempting to color a page in his coloring book. He was laying on his belly at the entrance of the room with his crayons lined up in front of him.

There he was, this innocent child, having only three fingers, and lacking his thumbs, yet he was persevering and attempting to do his best to finish his picture.

The teacher scared us both when she yelled so loudly that he got startled and wet his pants!

I was appalled, and shocked, but soon realized, that this abusive behavior was viewed as 'normal' in that school.

Anyway, that gives you the background to what this school was like. And there I was, an Empath who could tap into the energy fields around me. It was hard.

As my relationship with that girl continued, I became aware that she was being abused by her father. Physically, emotionally, and sexually. I also was given the awarness that she had developed several personalities to protect herself. I was able to meet and dialog with at least three of her personas.

The school counselor agreed with me on all levels, but there was nothing at that time that we could do. (Remember, this was quite sometime ago. Reporting laws have changed since then.)

So more to the point I guess.

One day, her father picked her up. I was standing with her reviewing her assignments for the next day. As soon as he approached, she coward down. Her head lowered and she started to tremble. To witness this was extremely difficult, but I had to be careful with my choice of words, which is really hard for me. His energy field was explosive and mean.

He immediately started to was belittle her in front of me! He was so demeaning and cruel! I got the sense that the more fear he invoked in her, the better he liked it.

Driving home that day, I recalled that I cried and cried.

But the question I asked myself last night was, "Why is she coming to me now?"

Trusting the Universe, it is not for me to figure it all out! In fact, if I do, I usually don't get the answer. What I do know it that, she came to me for my assistance.

So, I called forth members of the Archangelic Realms and offered my Peace for them to share with her wherever she may be in her life.

I also ask that her father be given an opportunity to view the world and his daughter through his heart. Perhaps for just a minute?

Wherever you are my little friend, I am with YOU!


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