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The Pristine Bed

As I sat across the table consulting with my client, I couldn't help but be impressed by her physical beauty.

There she sat with skin that was flawless, as if it had been carved out of alabaster.

Her facial features equally matched this chiseled appearance with almond shaped and colored eyes. Enhancing her beauty were lips that appeared naturally lined and filled with a neutral fuchsia color that complimented her radiant skin tone.

Physically, she was the epitome of femininity. Her manner of dress confirmed this as she wore a long, brightly colored strapless dress that was able to tightly cling to her slender figure. Listening to her speak however, conflicted the reality of her physical form and left me baffled as to her reported feelings of low self-worth.

She was now approaching her mid-thirties and had thought that she would have found someone and been married by now; or at least been in a relationship.

Her longing for a companion had been known by her family and circle of friends for several years now, however, in today's conversation, there was an air of desperateness.

She would repeatedly ask, "When am I ever going to find someone?"

All the while I'm thinking, "Does she not see the reflected image in the mirror?"

Not that one's physical appearance should dictate the quality or standard of a relationship, but it certainly helps.

Not only that, but in addition to her stunning features, she was and is a highly successful woman, who in her professional career, has been awarded many accolades for her tireless efforts on behalf of children with special needs.

Continuing with our conversation, I watched as she nervously studied each manicured nail while divulging that an issue arose at her place of employment in which she felt unfairly targeted and demeaned by her fellow colleagues.

She then stated how deeply hurt and isolated she was feeling and shared how the ugly scenario unfolded.

Her words were spoken in rapid succession and I got the impression that she just wanted to hurry up and get it all out and be done with it!

As I listened, I could feel a pit in my stomach. She was basically being ushered out the door.

As if that were not enough, the subject of her physical health came up.

She was experiencing significant discomfort in and around her abdominal area.

You see, several years prior, she had to undergo a complete hysterectomy due to a severe case of Endometriosis. We both agreed that this flare-up was most likely due to the stressors that she was experiencing at her job.

As she described her pain, I couldn't help but delve into the past and recall how she suffered after her surgery knowing that she could never bear children of her own.

This bright, beautiful being was again going through a dark time in her life.

So the the question was why?

"Why was she experiencing these issues?"

From the average person's perspective, it just seemed so unfair!

The healing session reveals the truth behind the scenes...

As we completed our consultation, we both felt it time to move into the healing session.

As she laid on the table, I ask if she wanted for me to disclose the information that I would receive. She said yes, she would like to hear everything! (Some clients prefer silence).

Immediately, images started to pour into my third eye! The first being that of a meticulously made bed. It was covered in a white, old-fashion coverlet with what looked like pom-poms on it. The pillows were evenly placed and I was to pay attention to how pristine the bed was made. I didn't try to understand this, and accepted that this image was a symbolic and valuable piece of insight for my client.

The bed frame and mirrored dresser were of a high quality wood with etchings carved around the frame of the mirror. Whomever this bedroom suite belong to, they were well above middle-class. I was given that it was the period of 1944 in and around the city of New Jersey.

The next image was that of a young man. He smiled at me immediately and I felt that he was happy for this opportunity. He appeared as though he were that of a 27 year old male. He had short hair that was wavy and coarse. What I had noted about him was that of his eyes. They were a deep blue. He was healthy and appeared to be strong bodied.

At this point, I had been moving stagnant energy out of her throat chakra. It was when I felt over her heart that this young man opened up one of the drawers and took out a jeweled shape heart. It was adorned with gemstones and was quite attractive. He then extended this heart to me to give to her.

I had been reporting to her what I had been seeing and when I told her this, she looked puzzled and rolled her eyes a bit. He, in somewhat of a rebuttal to this dismissal, rolled his eyes while shaking his head and then smiled. I sensed that he knew that she really didn't believe this, nor of him. He looked a little frustrated, but I got that this is how they were when they were together; flirtatious and playful.

By this point in the session, I was a bit flabbergasted by what I was observing. It was as if I were witnessing this in my physical form. My challenge was to monitor how I perceived the events presented to me as I did not want my ego to interpret from my clouded lens. I have learned to trust in what I am given as it is beyond all conceptional thoughts.

Then, as I was tapping into her Sacral Chakra, I was taken back into the room and there he was, leaning forward in a chair sobbing with his face cusped in his hands. Occasionally he would wipe his eyes with such intense pressure as if to remove the reality of what had just taken place.

There were now many people in the room, with a lot of coming and going. A white enameled basin was being removed as well as stained blankets and towels. All I could see then were that of a young woman's feet extended out from from the bottoms' edge of a blanket on the bed itself.

This young woman, of whom I was given her age at twenty-three, had died giving birth to a female child; her daughter. The image of the young man was that of her husband.

The bedroom was filled with the heavy energies of chaos, confusion, dismay and shock.

T h e n s i l e n c e.

Quickly the room had been cleaned. Almost too soon, as the reality of what had just occurred was being sterilized away; as if it had never happened!

Now, my client, as I had written in the beginning, had had a complete hysterectomy a few years ago. She had to endure a deep depression for quite some time before she was able to climb out of it. I now had to tell her what had been given to me inside of her Akashic Records.

I took a deep breath and ask for Angelic assistance.

As I disclosed to her the images that I had been given, I felt a hollowness emit from her.

You see, the left brain, or ego, wants to put everything into nice, neat, orderly boxes with clear labels on them. If it doesn't make sense to the ego, it will dismiss it; just like that!

In addition, the ego likes to blame...

This young, mother-to-be, blamed those family members and friends that were trying to help her; including her husband!

Her last egoic thoughts were,

"They should have done better...and if they had, I'd have my life and daughter back, it's all their fault!"

These traumatic and emotional energies stay with us from one incarnation into the next. Energy does not dissipate!

So what does it do?

Well, in this particular case it remained and seated itself in and around her Sacral Chakra.

Which would make sense right, based on the trauma that she had endured in the most previous life. This energy field was revealing and expressing itself through

disease, discomfort, and despair.

Now, my client, was and is open to exploring the energetic components as to why she faced the challenges in her current life situation. So, I knew intuitively, that she would process this; what I will refer to as "Gift", when she was ready. It is a slow healing process.

Facing and owning our pain is our sole responsibility as spiritual BEings in our human journey.

My only role was to act as a bridge and facilitator to catalyze this process for her.

My experience with the Akashic Records has been an ever unfolding process as I am given only what the person needs at that pivotal point in their lives.

As I step back and re-view this experience, I can 'feel' and tap into the why this was given to her.

As the Spiritual Teacher, Eckhart Tolle has stated,

"The most important step out of Karmic Law is Forgiveness".

We can all learn from this one experience! That is why I refer to this as a Gift and a Blessing as we navigate our way forward with the information that was hidden away in the ethereal realms and only revealed and given to us when we were ready!

That time is now!

As for my client, our beloved Universe has now uplifted her and placed her in a new working environment in which she reports that she feels valued, recognized, and respected.

In addition, her current position affords her freedom of time as she no longer has a tight and filled to the brim schedule. She sounds calm, positive, and open and is looking forward to how the Universe will fill those hours as the Universe is intelligent and does not like a void!


Marie J.

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