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I have never met a child; particularly a girl, who hated Unicorns!


And, having worked with hundreds of children over the years, when that statement was made, I sensed that there was more to it than just the words spoken.

The child in question, was a little girl at the age of seven. She was referred to me at my place of employment where I was working as an Occupational Therapist Practitioner.

Primarily, she had visual issues that hindered in her ability to produce legible handwriting and diminished her copying skills.

Our 30 minute sessions together were held weekly for about eight months.

Although she was compliant, the sessions felt tense and absent of happiness as though there was a void present; a void of a little, innocent girl.

I felt that at any given moment she may explode if she didn’t get her way. There was something about her that I just couldn’t tap into. Something dark and unknown.

Of course there is beauty in all children if you are able to peer beyond their developing egos. That gift usually reveals itself during play sessions where the right brain is actively engaged in the energy of imaginative play.

I recall observing her as she played out scenarios that happened in school. It was a JOY to get a glimpse of her TRUE SELF, when it was present.

One day, while coloring a picture, she drew a gun. She called it a “Shoot-gun”, and stated that she absolutely loved guns!

Obvisouly, this was not appropriate and I refrain from engaging in a dialog about it gently guiding her to draw something else. She wouldn’t! “No, I love shoot-guns, and I want to draw them!”.

Consult with the parents and Speech therapist revealed the same. She was obsessed with guns!

The parents approach was to ignore it. Simply not to emphasis it in any way. I could understand it to a point.

Session after session she would bring guns up. Often stating that she wanted one to take to school.

This went on for quite sometime. Even during the holidays when the other children were focused on snowmen, stockings filled with gifts, and ginger-bread men, she was focused on her obsession with weapons...GUNS!

Then, one session, she happily stated that when she grew up she wanted to be a police officer. “Then, I will be able to shoot people in their bodies and see them bleed. I love to see people bleed and cry! Maybe their families will come and see them die and they will cry too? I love to see families cry and be sad!”

My heart sank!

Driving home I intuitively knew I was observing and feeling something that was from the past. A previous life. The energy of the previous life-time was seeping into this incarnation. I had always sensed that this girl had been a soldier at some point. I could feel that masculine energy was still present with her in her female body.

How do I know this?

This “KNOWING”, is a gift. I have been given the gift of knowing the TRUTH in a situation in which I may be able to assist.

So that night, during meditation, I ask permission to view this little girl’s Akashic Records in order to assist in clearing this energy out of her body and field.

I was given access.

What I saw was that of a young man; a soilder. I saw his profile. He had the same facial features of my patient. (This is apparently the case as we incarnate from one lifetime to another. We take on a form such as facial features that are similar to the ones prior).

This young man was tall and slender, wearing a brown uniform. He was standing and directing people on and off of a train. I sensed this was during WW II.

He was following orders! Orders that most likely involved killing the enemy; whomever the enemy was at that time? He was brainwashed and therefore unconscious as to the horrifying acts that he was committing upon others. Did he not see? With that statement, it only makes sense that the energy of witnessing acts of extreme violence against mankind, would transfer to the area of the eyes in the next incarnation. That explains, in part, the visual issues pertaining to this little girl and her impairments.

Now, because we ARE Empowered Beings, I knew that I could assist in clearing out the remnants of this male energy out of her field.

Being trained by my Spiritual Mentor who is a highly skilled Douser, I set my intention to help this little child.

My Pendulum swung in a counter-clockwise direction in large, fast motions. It lasted more than six minutes. Then it abruptly stopped!

I asked if it was cleared, and it swung to the Yes!

Well, that was that! I just went about my life then as I usually do and forgot all about it!

Three weeks passed with her missing her weekly sessions with me.

When I finally saw her, she made excellent eye contact and appeared in a calm state. This was not the way in which she typically presented herself. Often, she required cues to engage appropriately in social situations. Not that day however, as she interacted just perfectly!

During our session there was no mention of guns! Not one time!

Two weeks went by and still no talking about them! The Speech Therapist and I were amazed! When I was able to consult with the father, he had stated that she just stopped taking about them and actually appeared to be much calmer at home.

They attributed this drastic change in her behavior to the staff at school as they had recently had had a meeting with the teachers!

Well, driving home that night it hit me! "What"??? The teachers????"!!!

Amazing that Source was able to use my body as an instrument to assist this little girl!

What a gift to be given! I was just flabbergasted, (If that word is still being used)?

Two weeks later, she mastered her goals and I discharged her!

Feeling Blessed to Serve!


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