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I remember the first time I experienced the energy of abundance.

I was staring at all of the food products that I had just purchased at the store using my WIC VOUCHER.

The voucher was a form of assistance from the government. It was referred to as the WIC program and was set up to assist single mothers who were at or below the poverty line.

I qualified as I had just had my daughter Crystal and was unmarried.

As I unpacked the milk, cheese, and formula, I felt a sense of chills vibrate throughout my body.

Growing up impoverished, I wasn’t accustomed to seeing or having that much food.

I was the eldest of three, with alcoholic parents, both of whom were unemployed.

My siblings and I were neglected to say the least! My parents' addictions took precedence over our needs as children.

I do remember that I was happy to have my cereal, even though the bowl was filled with water.

The pattern of poverty followed me into my twenties and there I was on welfare getting food stamps, just like my parents.

As I put the milk and cheese away, I remember thanking the Creator for taking care of me and my daughter and then found myself in tears of happiness, JOY and gratitude!

How BLESSED was I?

And for those of you who are aware of the The Laws of Vibration and Attraction, that shift in my perceptions of poverty to abundance, set up a bridge, so to speak, for me to ascend up and out of the conditions that I lived in.

I share this story with you today as we can all exit the prision of poverty consciouness!

Regardless of what is showing in your reality today, there is always something to be grateful for!

For example, last night sitting with my husband, I verbalized how grateful I was and thanked the Universe for our snacks! He said something like, next you’ll be thanking God for your hands! I said, of course I will and do, all the time!!!

Fast forward to this sharing…

Today I harvested Basil and Grape tomatoes from my garden.

As I quartered the tomatoes, I thanked the Creator for giving me such a wonderous experience. There I was, in the moment, not in the past, or thinking about the future, just there preparing dinner for my family!

The energy of gratitude blanketed my whole being and I was immediately uplifted, centered and back in alignment with the universe!

Those little tomatoes and Basil were a gift from our Creator, Mother Earth and our beloved Sun!

The tomatoes will be added to olive oil, garlic, and a tad bit of sugar and sauteed down to make a sauce for our pasta dinner tonight!

Then, the leaves of the fresh Basil will be added to the prepared tomatoe mixture until they are tender.

A dash of Himaylan salt and a good grinding of pepper, and a light, fragrant, and delicious pasta dinner awaits!

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