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The images above reflect the LIGHT RAYS from our beloved SUN, coming forth through a glass window that I frequently pray and mediate at. Spritual teachers from around the world have stated that there is a direct portal from the Sun here and that is how they can appear at this window. (After much research, I have concluded that they are correct.)

As YOU can discern, these BEINGS are formless, however, have taken on a silhouette like frame that appears to express a either a Divine Femine Aspect. (First image and apparition that appeared in January 9th, 2017). The second photo appeared on January 15th, 2021, and I get the sense that it is more of a masculine energy. The third image with the two Light Beings together appeared on August 29, 2017.

The photos have not been edited.

When I initially took these photos, I did not see these images. It was only after a period of time that I determined that the Light Rays had taken on the shape of a human BEING.

When I go back and re-visit the images, I always see something different, such as the Blue hue around the two Light Beings, or the Radiance streaming and beaming from their heads.

I got inspired to share these images because I was meditating on one recently and felt the surge of Love rush up through my body. I immediately felt at Peace and was so calm that I went to bed and fell asleep quite quickly.

The photos below represent an almost daily occurrence. I especially like the pastel-light colored ones.

I have taken a few videos as well, of which I have posted on my FB page and will continue to do so as I am guided.

more photos...

Sometimes I feel that the images are actually moving and are alive. In fact, a few people have shared their experiences and had similar feelings coming from the Light Beings.

I would suggest that you meditate on one of the photos that your eyes are drawn to. Your inner guidance system will steer you to which one.

I am aware that these photos have healing vibrations that emit from them. Yes, even through our computer screens!

Please let me know what experiences you have with these beautiful loving Beings!

These photos are not just for me, there is no me, only WE!

Much Love,

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