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I call upon any and all Light Beings of the Highest Vibrational Frequency

to come to the aide and assistance of:









I petition that the Platinum Net

sway, like that of a pendulunm,

over all teenagers experiencing distress

in all or one aspect of their four bodies

during this unprecedented time period exiting out of the Pisceian Age.

Remove any and all discordances and extremes of polarities in the following:





Spiritual bodies

I ask that the lure of the addictive nature of gaming decrease in natural increments and be replaced by a healthier means of enjoying the experiences of life!

Re-establish their connections to

Mother Earth, the Sun, Moon, and the Cosmos!

Gently nudge them towards practices of grounding, mindfulness, and quieting the mind through meditation.

Permeate their field of awareness with Light to promote an inner dialog in which they are able to support themselves during times of stress and become the witness or the observer to their ego.

Assist them with their abillity to focus and be engaged with school work.

Help with organization skills.

Following clear and unclear directions.

Finishing projects.

Participating verbally, and visually.

Help them to attend to task with increased attention to details.

Encourage the completion of all assignments regardless of their lack of

interest or preference on the subject.

Bring to their awareness the importance of taking in the proper nurtrition that will support their developing bodies at this stage in their lives.

Wean them from the addiction to white and refined sugars!

Send to them teachers and mentors that are wise

to guide them towards a more natural and healthier approach to life.

Warriors of Light

I call upon your steadfast nature to extend your hand and pull them gently out of the collective consciousness fields of their generation thus releasing them of the inorganic malipunation of darker forces and Artifical Intelligence without negating their sense of belonging to the grouping of their peers.

Gently awaken them from their slumber

and remind them that their generation can co-create the moments of:

JOY, Laugher, Peace, and Happiness,

and that these states can be multiplied tenfold as this is their birthright!

Encase these Blessed human Beings in an iridescent sphere of Light at all times

and prevent the entry of any and all malevolent beings into their

Auric and physical bodies.

Disasemble all interferences or entrapment techniques as well as manipulatiions.

This light barrier will also act as a shield preventing the entry of:

Electrical devices, synthetic wavelengths and grids,

inorganic viral injections, confusion fields, sexual misery programing and distortions in their collective gender fields, including sexual identity, fears, and preference disturbances.

May the outcome of this prayer request

exceed my expectations, as well as all those who choose to recite this prayer!

Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU!

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