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While laying in a hospital bed, awaiting to be taken into the operating room for a not so nice procedure, I thought, "What can I do while I'm here in this hospital to assist all who have passed over in this hospital?"

Of course, I was guided to aid those individuals that, for whatever reason, stayed and lingered there. Perhaps due to being confused over the death of their body?

Nonetheless, I wasn't going to speculate and offered my prayers and assistance for any who wished to go home.

Silencing my mind and connecting to our beloved universe, I called upon the Archangelic Realms for their unwaving devotion to humanity and ask them to guide any and all beloveds that wish to now leave.

The first to appear was an eldery gentleman who communicated to me that he had stayed to be with his wife. She had now longed passed, and he wished to leave, but was confused as to how to find the light.

Calling upon an Archangel to assist, I was a bit taken aback as one did arrive of whom was unknown to me. Sadly, I cannot recall their name, but they offered to escort this man to merge with the light and receive the rest that he utmost deserved.

The next beloved that appeared was that of a woman in her early 60's. She died while being operated on and wasn't too happy about it. She then disclosed that she had forgiven them and wished to move on.

Within seconds of that experience, two young girls appeared. They were sisters. I gathered that they had been in a car accident and died suddenly. They were ready now and thanked me for helping them.

Next was a quite large man. He said he now understood how diet played a role in his leaving his body as he was perhaps in his younger fifties. A message for me as well and I was grateful to him.

There were a few more, but I write this to say that as sparks of Divinity residing in these what we perceive as dense bodies, we have the power to help those who have lost their way.

There are millions and millions of lost, fragmented souls that we can help! It only took a few minutes! And each one communicated how grateful they were and truly I felt their appreciation!

We are so powerful in these vessels! Use your power! Help all in need, both on the earth plane and beyond!

YOU are precious!


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