This remote healing package is conducted over a period of nine days.  


Every third day, a healing session will be conducted and fulfilled on YOUR behalf!  




This provides YOU or YOUR beloved, a layer of Light Energy to enter into the targeted areas in a layered format, thus ensuring that any and all denser remnants or cords that are residing in the energy centers, be gently diffused and dissolved with minimal physical symptoms in the body.   


This healing package invites you, as my client, to experience healing energies in a customized Amethyst Bed, such as the one I had expereienced.   (See side note)


In addition to your being etherally placed on such a beautiful Amethyst Crystal Bed, I will channel insights and knowledge from YOUR Higher Self, as well as YOUR Guides and Angels, as to where to focus my attention on.  


I have been gifted with the ability to SEE with my Third Eye, areas and fields of darker, denser energy currents that are residing in your body, as well as where they orignated from!  


This knowledge is empowering as it can bring to your awarness, wounds that may have been hidden in your subconscious but now are being given to resolve, love, and heal!  


This healing not only facilitates a profound impact on YOUR body, but also YOUR reality as you are able to attract more of what it is that you want, versus what you don't want into YOUR life!  


Remember Like attracts Like!  


A simple example of this would be that you want to attract financial security into your life.


However, you still carry with you Poverty Consciousness energies that remained from your upbringing, as well as a past life in which you were poor.  If like attracts like, then the Universe gives you more experiences of lack to validate what you are!  


Once a clearing and healing session removes a layer or so of this energy field, it is quickly replaced by the energy field of Abundance!  


Now, you have Abundance Energy residing in YOU!  What a Gift!!! 


Abundance experiences come forth and are manifested into your reality because that are matched with the abundance energies that are now in YOU!  


Additional modalities may include, but are not limited to, the use of Tensor technology as well as an updated and powerful version of Reiki known as  E.D.I.N.A. Energy Medicine as taught by Lois J. Wetzel, world renowned healer and author. 


The results thus far have been profound, with testimonials from varying age groups from parents and guardians of four year olds to those in their eighties!   



  • I once had a vision of laying on a customized Amethyst Bed.  

    The beauty of it was and is indescribable!  

    The bed perfectly conformed to the curvature of my body.  

    I laid there as healing energies permeated every cell in my physical body, as well as radiated through the fields of my Aura!  

    This was a gift of which I was to share with YOU! 




  • Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds once a session has taken place.  
    If you purchase a session with me, it is understood that you have read this informationand have agreed to these terms and conditions. 

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