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60-minute consultation 

This is an ideal route for those who are unsure as to what they would like to facilitate, or manifest into their lives through a prayer request.


As a medium, I am given insight into your energy field that if explored and revealed, can assist you on your journey with clarity and ease.  


Long Distance Healing Session




    Prayers are answered in DIVINE timing! ​

    Prayers are customized to your specific needs as gleaned from our consultation.  

    If your situation is complex,  I would recommend scheduling for the longer session to ensure that I gather the necessary information to communicate your Divine prayer. 


    These prayers are powerful and are to be respected as they are divinely guided WORDS from the higher realms.  

    It is strongly recommended that if a prayer request is written on behalf of another individual, that the prayer should be shared with them so that they can read it aloud themselves or have the prayer read aloud to them; regardless of their age or health condition. 

    Furthermore . . . 


    The information shared on this website, or within our phone consultations are intended for guidance only.  

    You are reminded that YOU are an Empowered Being and that at all times are responsible for your choices and decisions.

    I accept my role of intercessor on your behalf; however, this service is not intended as a substitute or replacement for any legal, medical, or financial issues that you may be experiencing.    ​


    Once a prayer is written, it will be sent to you via the email address that you provided. 

    Then it will be reverently placed below the window and recited aloud for the specific allotment of time (days) that you have selected.

  • Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds once a session has taken place.  

    If you purchase a session with me, it is understood that you have read this informationand have agreed to these terms and conditions.