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During this session,  I channel various aspects of yourself as well as information from your spiritual teams.  


This is the ideal route for those who seek guildance regarding a particular problem or issue that they are experiencing in their life-time.  

During our conversation, I will be open to channel YOUR Higher Self and YOUR guidance teams.  

They will provide an expanded viewpoint or perspective that will assist YOU on this human journey.  

Because I have been given the gift of Unity Consciousness,

I can readily tap into your energy field and that of your ancestors,

thus providing for you the origins of the energies that are expressing themselves in your reality.  


This peering can facilitate healing and clearing of traumas, programs, and disease.  


This clearing paves the way for the True Light of who YOU are to shine through and results in an Empowerment that is liberating and exalting! 


This personal session is conducted by phone.  

Personal One-on-One Session

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