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This reading reveals what you need to know NOW as it is typically relevant to the issues or situation at hand. The Guardians of the Records, along with your Guides and Higher Self, allow and provide me entry into the lifetime or lifetimes that a particular energy field, or experience, embedded into your consciousness.  That energy, or experience, is still present with you today and expresses itself in your perceived reality.  (For example, a reading may reveal why you have a fear of fires, or a fear of being hungry).


This shared information is profoundly healing and transformative as you can better understand and process the origins to what it is that you are facing, such as  relationship issues, financial hardship patterns, or repeated health concerns.  


The healing that is facilitated is beyond the limitations of our lanquage and is felt on many layers and effects all four bodies (Emotional, mental, physcial, and spiritual).  


This in turn works with the Universal Law of Attraction and you are now able to manifest what it is that you truly desire.  



Akashic Records Reading

  • Please read for a full understanding of what to expect with your purchase.   

    All Akashic Record Readings are recorded and sent to you via your email address.

    When your session is being conducted, I am in a mild trance as I am channeling the information from the Guardians of the Records, as well as your guides.  YOUR Angels are always presiding over this process and will collaborate with your teams if necessary.  

    After you listen to your past-life reading, you will have up to two days to contact me via email with any questions that may arise, as well as clarity on specific life-times given.   We will then follow-up via a phone consultation to address your specific needs.   


  • Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds once an Akashic Records session has been purchased.  The reasoning behind this decision is that I immediatly receive information that is pertient to your current lifetime as directed by the Guardians of the Records.  

    If you purchase a Akashic Records Reading session with me, it is understood that you have read this information and have agreed to these terms and conditions. 

    Also note:  There are times when I am guided to share a specific past-life experience, either by writing about it in my blog, or verbally share it with others.  If so nudged to do so, you can be assured that if it is one of your life-times, that you will remain anonymous.  All names or methods of identificaton are closely respected.  If you do not wish for me to do so, please communicate this with me.  

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