This reading reveals what you need to know NOW as it is typically relevant to the issue or situation at hand. Your Guides allow and provide me an insight into the lifetime that the energy embedded into your consciousness. This is helpful as you can better understand the origins to what it is that you are facing, such as a relationship issue.


60 minute session.

Akashic Records Reading

  • Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds once an Akashic Records session has been purchased.  The reasoning behind this decision is that I immediatly receive information that is pertient to your current lifetime as directed by your Guides.  This information is recorded by me in handwriting for review with you during your session.  This takes time and energy as I am open to receiving these gifts of wisdom for you.  On occasions, I have been woken up in the middle of the night prior to a session the following day.  I am then guided to record what is given to me.  
    If you purchase a Akashic Records Reading session with me, it is understood that you have read this information and have agreed to these terms and conditions. 

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