The Todd grid is for assisting our male friends and family members to experience the energy of being in the moment and promotes the state of BEING versus the state of DOING.  


Men are and have been at a disadvantage when exploring the nature of their hearts.  They have been conditioned to use their left brains (Ego) to navigate and operate in this world.  This grid encourages and facilitates the subtle decrease of that dependance and acts as a bridge towards the opening of their hearts.  This shift promotes the increased energy of compassion, understanding, empathy, and peace.  The result of this transformation impacts their daily experiences as the energies of harmony, and fluidity gently replace rigidity, control, and the facade of always having to be strong.   This then acts as a catalyst that in turn strengthens their cognitive abilities for planning and creating as they now are tapping into the Universal Energy Field.  

Todd | Crystal Grid for Opening the Male Heart