Laura facilitates the energy of abundance!  Health, wealth, and healing energies!

Laura | Crystal Grid for Abundance

  • Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds once a Crystal Grid has been customized for you. 
    If you purchase a Crystal Grid, it is understood that you have read this information and have agreed to these terms and conditions. 

  • Crystals are the ascended versions of their former selves.  They, like us, evolved through eons of time ascending upwards to express their highest potential!  And, based on the premise that everything IS energy, they gift us with their higher vibrating energy fields.  The crystals found in this Laura grid promotes the energy of abundance!  This field reaches out past the heavenly realms and its' effects are far beyond our understanding.  This grid, along with the others, works in conjunction with the Law of Attraction; whereas, like equals like!  Think of crystals as tools; tools to assist you on your human journey!