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Private & Remote Healing  


(This is a great option to go beyond what is being presented on the surface. Ideal for Empathic and sensitive children who cannot tolerate crowds, have trouble sleeping, are picky eaters, respond unfavorably to loud noises, scents, and bothersome textures on clothing) 



The private session includes various activities that are intuitively guided by both the child and myself.  Healing is facilitated by what is revealed during this one-on-one play session.  

Any insights or recommendations to the parents follow after the session.


For long distance or remote healing, this can be facilitated by a phone consultation between myself and the caregiver.  This session is 60 minutes in length and the information gleaned from this exchange provides insight into the "Background Noise", so to speak.  For example, if the child has developed behavioral issues around a particular experience, such as eating in a restaurant or going to a park, I can tap into what may be causing this to occur and explore remediation techniques to assist both the child and their family.  This is just one simple example as I have helped hundreds of children with an array of sensory issues both privately and formally as a healer and an occupational therapist practitioner.  


Please note:  I reside near the city of Pittsburgh, PA 








Healing Through Play - 60 Minute Session

  • Due to the nature of this service, there are no refunds once a session has taken place.  

    Also note, I occasionaly select an individual case to write about in my blog.  The information shared is to educate, assist and offer hope to others who may be experiencing a similar situation. I retain the right to do so and provide anonymity to all involved. 

    If you purchase a session with me, it is understood that you have read this information and have agreed to these terms and conditions.