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I call any and all Warriors of Light along with multiple legions of the Archangelic Realms to come to the aid and assistance of:


I ask that the inorganic web of the corona virus be severed, dismantled, and recycled and turned into nutrients and harmonic energies that ERIC's body needs at this stage with this virus!

I command that any and all obstacles that would prevent him from receiving healing energies from family, friends, and this divine intervention, as well as all other interventions from his medical staff, be removed and there be a clear pathway and bridge for his FULL recovery.

I ask that he be given the gift of a healthy respiratory system!

I ask that he be able to take in a deep breath with the energies of ease and grace when his lungs are strong and able!

Release Eric's body of this imprisonment!

Facilitate healing throughout his four bodies: Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!

I also petition that Eric, as well as his family, fiancé and friends, be given the gift of Peace that surpasses all understanding!

May he be given the TRUTH of who HE truly is: A DIVINE BEING EMBODIED IN STARDUST

May the outcome be better than anything that Eric's family and friends, could have hoped for or expected!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you

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